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BLACK NOVELTY Stunning Sandal
Jean Marie Connolly
Fancy, fun and fab!

Love my new sandals with the feather embellishments! Wear as the classic sleek sandal or add the feathers and add some glam!

Black Snappy Slides
Wendie Horowitz
My Beauties

Love my new sandals! So much fun changing the look! Comfortable and fashionable.

My All-time favorite pair of boots!!

They are super comfortable l, look great with dress/skirt or pants and the ability to change the heels to create a new look is ingenious!!!
I will always own a pair of Kara’s Hobo boot…when one wears out I’ll have another pair waiting…THAT’s LOVE!!!

Boho Boot
Mirian Landau

Beautiful, comfortable and cool boots!

SILVER Celebrity Sandal
Melody Edmondson
love m newest Kara Mac Silver Sassy Sandals

My sandals are beautifully made with alternate heels and stone straps for variety and glam!!!

Snap Clips are a game changer!

The snap clips are a great way to change up your shoe look! I love them. They are so easy to change out, and stylish and sturdy!

Low Heels
Tani Isaacs

My most comfortable boots! Fantastic for traveling. The interchangeable heels are genius!

Boho Boot
Gerry M
Fashion and Flair combined!

This was my first order from Kara Mac shoes and I’m not disappointed. I love this boot! I normally am a 7 1/2 and I did size down to a 7 as recommended and the fit is perfect. The leather is very soft and the boot is very comfortable. The icing on the cake is the interchangeable heel. I purchased several different heel covers to coordinate with my outfits. I’ve already received several compliments on them. These boots will be great to wear when you travel as you can get several different looks without adding to the weight of your luggage. Just pack the heel covers in a small bag in your suitcase and you’re done! Don’t pass these up! I also purchased the Broadway boot for a slightly different style.

Perfect Pump
Cassandra Hines
Cute and classy

I love my pumps! They are very classy and the right height for work and for dancing the night away!

Amazing Concept and Awesome Boot!

What an amazing boot with the ability to change the heel 🤯- Kara went beyond to design a heel just for me and my small business 🖍🌈

Betty Boot is Amazing!

These boots are so comfortable, and very well made. They are like butter! Being able to change the heel cover is fantastic! I love these boots! The Betty Boot, like all the other Kara Mac shoes can go from casual to a night on the town in a snap! I wear these with jeans, dresses and skirts! <3

Boho boots and heels are best!!

I absolutely adore my boho boots- and yes, have 2 pairs because I can!! The heel selections are always a show stopper with all the beautiful designs, creative work, quality products, style of the chart, and comfort of boots with height. Join me and all who enjoy Kara’s gorgeous products- I promise you people stop you when you wear them because they’re stunning! I’m rethinking my shoe closet as this way of accessorizing is far more effective than the gazillion shoes taking up space. Buying style, comfort, and quality makes so much sense!!

Broadway Boot
nikki hahn

Broadway Boot

Patent Party
Merri Muller
Loved, Loved, Loved!

These shoes are adorable and the workmanship is top-notch. I love the versatility with Kara Mac’s Shoe Candy accessories. The heel and toe accessories are beautifully made. Toe clips attach on outside of shoe so no clunky clips rubbing against your toes and heel accessories snap into channels created inside the heel so stay secure and beautiful throughout wear. The heel accessories don’t “cover” the heels, rather, they snap into the heel for an expensive, couture look! Recommended to all my fashionista friends!

Broadway Boot
Marlene Byrne
My second pair

The Broadway boot with its wonderful heel covers, is my go to for work and social. I loved my first pair so much, I ordered my second this year. The boots are well made and sooo worth the price. Comfortable and stylish. Thanks Kara Mac. Marlene Byrne, Chicago

Block Heels- A La Carte
Sheila Houston
Love my new block heels.

This is my second pair of boots. I purchased an extra block heel to go with boots. I got the Royal Glitter and it’s super cute.

Boho Flared Heels A-La Carte
Christine Sensenig
Creative quality heels

Each set of heels I own makes me happy! Fun colors, patterns and quality construction. I get so many compliments when I wear my boho boots.

Fashion...with a touch of comfort!

These boots are so comfortable...and incredibly stylish. Heel width and height is perfect and wearable. I love them!

Boho Flared Heels

OMG, I love these boots so much! They are my go to for everything now. They are super comfortable and made of very soft leather. I can walk in them all day, which is not something I can do in most of my shoes! The option to change the heels makes it so versatile. I now have 3 different heel options and I may never wear any other shoe again!

BLACK Celebrity Sandal
Kathleen Beaton

Loved my items, sandals, blocks and straps!!!…style

Love the new heels. Everyday I change my look with ease!

Feet glam!

Always love having a little extra pizazz on my shoes…makes the day more fun!