Transforming Traditional Footwear into an Environmentally Conscious Innovation

How To Reduce Your Shoes’ Carbon Footprints

How To Reduce Your Shoes’ Carbon Footprints

How To Reduce Your Shoes’ Carbon Footprints

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Too much of anything is a bad thing. This goes for chocolate, sunlight, TV, and yes… even shoes.

Making 1 shoe produces 30 lbs of carbon dioxide on average. In a world where over 20 billion shoes are produced per year, it is about time we ask:

How big are my shoes’ carbon footprint?

We spoke with Kara Mac, the founder of one of the original eco-conscious shoe brands, Kara Mac Shoes, on the topic.

Same shoes, different looks!

Same shoes, different looks!

Kara Mac Shoes offers the world’ first instantly swappable shoe for women. 

The key is in the ShoeCandy: heel coverings and straps that allow you to change looks in seconds. 

The idea is revolutionary. But, entering the marketplace as a disruptor was a challenge. During Kara Mac Shoes’ first year in business, Kara recalls buyers’ reactions to her ShoeCandy:

Why would I want to sell that when I could sell thousands of shoes?

“That was the mentality,” Kara explains. In the fashion world, more was equivalent to better. “It hit me that this was not going to be easy.”

On average, American women own 19 pairs of shoes, yet they only wear 4 pairs regularly (Reuters).

Prior to opening Kara Mac Shoes, Kara worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years. In between her commute, workday and night, she would need to change her shoes at least twice a day— sometimes more. 

“Why do women need so many pairs of shoes to get through their busy day?” Kara remembers wondering.

The answer? They don’t —— at least, not anymore.

After her revelation, Kara opted for an aisle seat on the train to work. As she watched women’s heels click past, she sketched ideas for an ultra comfortable, transformable shoe.

After multiple prototype experiments in her kitchen (or, as Kara’s kids would call it, “the lab”) Kara created a shoe with a permanently attached heel, swappable heel coverings and customizable straps. 

“You own less, but you wear more,” Kara explains proudly. 

A lucky encounter with Shark Tank investor Daymond John gave Kara the confidence to pursue Kara Mac Shoes full time. 

“I quit my job the next day,” Kara tells us. “6 weeks later… 750 pairs of shoes were delivered to my house.”

Before Delivery

Before Delivery

After Delivery

After Delivery

Today, Kara Mac Shoes offers comfortable dress shoes in the form of pumps, sandals, slippers, slides and black heeled boots for women.

Plus, if you are like us, you will be happy to learn that not all of Kara Mac’s heels are high: check out the Betty Boot for a practical low heel.

The cherry on top is the ShoeCandy, with which one pair of shoes is capable of equaling up to 20. 

It is through that philosophy, less is more, that Kara Mac Shoes was able to establish themselves as one of the world’s first eco-conscious footwear brands and save shoes from landfills, one sole at a time.

If you’d like to decrease your shoes’ carbon footprint, sign up for live shopping with Kara Mac Shoes: click here to sign up.



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