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We are thrilled to be featured on the Glass Slipper Shoe Blog by a NYC Podiatrist, Dr Casey.

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About Dr Casey
Thank you for visiting The Glass Slipper Shoe Blog! I wrote this blog with you in mind because I’ve received SO MANY questions from women just like YOU about shoes, styling shoes, foot care and wellness. Therefore, I’m so happy to answer your questions and share my knowledge with you.

Here’s some doctor info about me: I’m a podiatrist also known as a foot and ankle specialist, with over ten years of experience working in New York City.  I’ve had extensive training in forefoot surgery and diabetic limb salvage at NYU Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan; I’ve also worked as a Podiatric surgical attending at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx. I currently work in private practice in midtown and downtown Manhattan.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I LOOOOVE shoes! I can’t even count how many times on my lunch breaks I’d catch myself drooling over Stuart Weitzman boots or thinking about styling a pair of Gucci loafers. So if you are a shoe-lover like me, enjoy styling shoes, or are looking for more suggestions on comfortable wearable shoes, then please peruse The Glass Slipper Shoe Blog, as we find your own true shoe love story like Cinderella’s. 

Much Love,


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