Trailblazers Impact Podcast Interview

Trailblazers Impact Podcast Interview

 Dressing up Shoes with Candy

Ep. 76 - Hear Kara Mac's Shark Tank experience!  Kara digs deep  to share everything she can about her journey to entrepreneurship after being an employee for most of her professional life. Kara Mac, an entrepreneur who spent 25 years of her life as an apparel designer, later followed through with the idea of creating women’s shoes that work in every circumstance. After two years of sweat and hard work, she launched Shoe Candy by Kara Mac in 2015, making it the first shoe in the world with the instant heel to toe customization. Meet this most A-Maz-Ing woman with multiple dimensions: she teaches Illustrator classes online to high school students, declaring it to be very rewarding, takes tons of educational classes, and participates in webinars with the commitment to lifelong learning.

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Kara Mac


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