Welcome to Kara Land

Welcome to Kara Land

Hi! I'm Kara Mac, the creator of a revolutionary shoe system that can make your lives a little bit easier and help decrease the amount of shoes dumped in our landfill. Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll find some interesting and valuable information about an industry I love and plan to disrupt. SHOES!!!

A bit about myself and background. I'm a wife, mom of two boys in college and a dog mom to Bridget and Bernadette (aka Bernie), two beautiful Portuguese Water Dogs. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and worked in the fashion industry, designing apparel for more than 25 years. I lived in the city for most of those years, but decided to head to the suburbs after 9/11. I commuted to my design director job daily and changed my shoes at least two, if not three times a day. One for walking and one for the office. And, if I had an event that evening, a third pair in my shoulder bag. Can you relate?

I also traveled on short business trips and never wanted to check my bag but the shoes forced me to. I mean, don't we need a pair to match every outfit for every event?

I set out to design a shoe that I wanted to own. One that is super comfortable, could morph from one look to another and perhaps, maybe, help decrease the amount of shoes dumped in our landfill.  I mean, HELLO, we women need to simplify our busy lives and wouldn't it be great to give back at the same time?

I plan to keep my blog very simple and to not overwhelm with unnecessary or boring content. I absolutely LOVE feedback---Good, bad or indifferent.  At 54, I an not into sugarcoating. I crave honest and direct feedback. Organic and Classic are two words I live by. Organic in social media and classic in style. Sure, I love trends and plan to always add them to my collection of ever-growing accessories, but I like to keep my shoe styles classic, so they almost never go out of style.

One of  my favorite quotes EVER is from Kathryn Hepburn, "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun".  I can relate to this because; although I live and breath Classic, I am a sucker for a Twist. A twist in words, fashion, daily grind, moms life, family, legacy and everything else I personally answer to on a daily basis.  


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  • CIndy Taylor

    We met in Indpls in 2017 at the women’s conference. I LOVE my shoes. Will you be in Indy or surrounding areas anytime soon?

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