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Hi! I'm Kara Mac, the creator of ShoeCandy®. Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll find some interesting and valuable information about an industry I love. SHOES!!!

A bit about myself and background. I'm a wife, mom of two boys in college and a dog mom to Bridget and Bernadette (aka Bernie), two beautiful Portuguese Water Dogs. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and worked in the fashion industry, designing apparel for more than 25 years. I lived in the city for most of those years, but decided to head to the suburbs after 9/11. I commuted to the city daily and  went through at least two, if not three pairs of shoes a day. One for walking and one for the office. And, if I had an event that evening, a third pair in my shoulder bag. Can you relate?

I set out to design a shoe that could be super comfortable and morph from one look to another in a click and a snap. I mean, "HELLO", we women need to simplify our lives, yes? Why is a shoe the thorn in our side? 


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